[J-Pop/America] BoA struggles with English and jet lag during American debut

Singer BoA, 22, celebrated the nationwide release of her American debut album, “Best & USA” (titled “BoA” in the U.S.), with a special concert on Monday night at Shin-kiba’s Studio Coast in Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward.

The album, which was released in both Japan and America on March 18, hit 127 on the Billboard Chart stateside, but the young singer stated she wasn’t interested in the numbers, commenting, “More than that, it’s really hard speaking English on the radio and at events in the U.S. Also, every two weeks, I’m going back and forth between here and there, and the jet lag really wears me out.”

In all, the album features nine songs, including the English track, “Eat You Up.”

Japan Today

awwww… BoA! Get some rest! ^^


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