[Mandopop] Chun’s Childhood Sweetheart Revealed By Best Friend

Wu Chun Fever

Wu Chun’s best friend revealed that Chun had a childhood sweetheart before :

During our childhood years, me 9, Chun 8, Lia 7, and Jing 8, were really best friends. Chun and Lia were really really close to each other since before we moved to Brunei. I still remember when we got our first overnight in the house of Lia, Chun proposed to her (laughs).

He actually bought a toy ring for her while giving it to Lia, he said : Lia remember this ring symbolizes my love for you, when we grew up i will marry you.Then Lia couldn’t say anything but she’s happy, all of us know that she also had feelings for Chun although it’s “puppy love”.

Jing and I were happy for them because they really had a sweetness that can’t explain. But this puppy love ended because the family of Lia had to migrate in USA . Since that we didn’t heard any news about her.

credits to iLoVefAhrenheiT@FRHAve

[J-Pop] Arashi new single!

Arashi announced the release of their twenty-sixth single for May 27th. Ashita no kioku/Crazy Moon ~kimi wa muteki~ will be available in three different versions: two of them limited, each coming with the PV for one of the main tracks, and a regular version, which will come with both songs’ instrumental versions. In addition to this, Ashita no kioku will be used as the theme song for the drama “The Quiz Show”, while Crazy Moon ~kimi wa muteki will be the commercial song for “ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS”.


[Anime/Hollywood] Mandalay Pictures Licenses Full Metal Panic! Film Rights

Zac Efron as Sousuke Sagara?!  What the hell?!

The Mandalay Pictures production studio has licensed the film rights to Shoji Gatoh’s Full Metal Panic! high school action comedy light novels. The story centers around a brusque young sergeant named Sousuke Sagara who must protect an assertive high school girl named Chidori Kaname by masquerading (somewhat unsuccessfully) as a high school student himself. Actor Zac Efron (High School Musical, Hairspray, 17 Again) is reportedly discussing the project.

Shikidouji illustrated the original novels, and Retsu Tateo adapted them into manga form (pictured at right). Four television anime series, several spinoff manga, and a video special have since released. ADV Manga released both the first manga series and the Full Metal Panic: Overload! manga spinoff in North America. ADV Films and Funimation have split the North American DVD releases of the different anime series between the two of them.


[K-Pop] Younha back to girly image

It’s not really a new image — recall that kpop singer Younha had also unveiled a more feminine look for her second album last summer. And Younha (aka the “Oricon comet” given her success on Japan’s pop charts before debuting in Korea) has always been very pretty. But she’s gone a little softer than her usual tomboyish look for this “lovely girl” concept for her new album release.

Her third full-length album is titled “Peace Love & Ice Cream” (something I can get behind!) and goes on sale on April 16. From descriptors, we can expect more of the same (modern rock, ballads, and acoustic pop) from the pop-rock vocalist — which, in Younha’s case, is a very good thing.

Meanwhile, her Japanese movie Next Sunday, in which she takes on the role of a Korean woman studying in Japan, will be released on the 11th in Japan; she’ll head to Osaka for promotional events on the 11th and 12th.

source: dramabeans

[Mandopop/C-Drama] Aaron Yan Denies Lead Role being Replaced by Showbiz Newbie

Aaron Yan Denies Lead Role being Replaced by Showbiz Newbie
Yahoo News

Taiwanese pop idol group Fahrenheit arrived in Singapore to gather with their fans at the two meet-the-fans sessions. A Taiwan idol drama led by one of the member Aaron Yan has been hailed for a year. It is rumoured that Nick, son of Taiwan’s veteran artiste Billy, will replace Aaron’s role as the male lead and that all completed scenes are to go to waste. Aaron denied this claim in a media round table interview with local media after meeting with their fans.

“I’ve consulted the company on this and they have severely denied this piece of news. At the moment, I have two scripts in my hands. The company is carefully sculpting the character in the drama to suit me, thus causing the delay in production, and people started making use of this to create sensationalized headline stories. In fact, I personally know the newcomer mentioned in the report and we’ve been in touch before. I can only clarify that this whole incident is not at all true,” Aaron clarified with a stern voice.

Another member of the Fahrenheit group, Calvin Chen was also rumoured to have invited his “underground lover” to Fahrenheit’s concert held in Hong Kong recently. According to hearsay, the revelation of this piece of news had eventually led to a fan attempting suicide. Calvin addressed the issue during the session, explaining that the invited guest was just a platonic friend.

“I’ve heard about this but can’t confirm if it was true. I’ve left messages through the media and on websites for my fans to warn them against such undesired behaviour. It was even reported that my “girlfriend” is a Malaysian, which is not at all true,” Calvin responded.

Fahrenheit’s heartthrob Wu Chun also gave his two cents worth on the issue, “This is not a desired behaviour, if it really happens, the fans will get it from me.”

Calvin, who has been notorious for ‘framing’ the others in the group, did not give up his chance to do so during the meet-and-greet session, where he sets up Jiro Wang to do push ups on stage, while he escapes from stage with his faulty zipper. Besides, Calvin even attempted to divert the media’s attention by claiming that Wu Chun’s rumoured child was actually his!

The later part of the fans’ session turned a little solemn as Aaron shed tears on stage upon reminiscing his grandfather who has passed away while he was on his promotional tour for their second album. His tears were dried by fans who started to brace him up with shouts of encouragement.

Fahrenheit’s meet-the-fans and autograph sessions marked a roaring success, with thousands of fans turning up to show their support. Besides presenting the two songs that was pre-planned, the group also surprised fans with a third song, and Calvin also showcased his beat-box talent, which he picked up for the concert, seemingly an attempt to combat the rumour about them lip synching in previous performances.

Due to overwhelming responses and time constraint at the autograph session, history repeated itself when Fahrenheit failed to sign all albums despite spending four hours doing so. Fans went home with great disappointment, leaving regrets for Fahrenheit as well. The quartet, however, promised their fans that all albums will be signed in their next visit to Singapore.

[J-Pop/America] BoA struggles with English and jet lag during American debut

Singer BoA, 22, celebrated the nationwide release of her American debut album, “Best & USA” (titled “BoA” in the U.S.), with a special concert on Monday night at Shin-kiba’s Studio Coast in Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward.

The album, which was released in both Japan and America on March 18, hit 127 on the Billboard Chart stateside, but the young singer stated she wasn’t interested in the numbers, commenting, “More than that, it’s really hard speaking English on the radio and at events in the U.S. Also, every two weeks, I’m going back and forth between here and there, and the jet lag really wears me out.”

In all, the album features nine songs, including the English track, “Eat You Up.”

Japan Today

awwww… BoA! Get some rest! ^^

[J-Pop] KAT-TUN Breaks Records, 440,000 Tokyo Dome Tickets Sold Out in a Day

Records already Broken…
CONCERT: The 440.000 tickets that were placed on sale for Domucon this April 4 got totally SOLD OUT the very same day! Records have already been broken.

“Thank you!! Let’s enjoy it with all our heart. Let’s enjoy it completely. It’s a festival!”

“Honestly, neither in reality nor in my imagination i could have believed it”

KAT-TUN Tokyo Dome concert sold out!

Popular idol group KAT-TUN Tokyo Dome concert on May 15th-22th has been sold out soon after accepting the minutes sheet. They are due to perform eight concerts on eight consecutive days with 440,000 tickets sold out immediately. Kamenashi Kazuya comments ” “Honestly, neither in reality nor in my imagination i could have believed it”. They will also have concerts in Kyocera Dome in Osaka, including performances which will mobilize 685,000 people.
On the 29th they will release “Break the Records – by you & for you-“They currently have promotional advertisement around the area Shibuya Station giving viewing pleasure for their fans.