[J-Pop] Tohoshinki Oricon Special Interview

The new album, The Secret Code is a smash hit! Has a really good quality content, the image is showing their growth after the condensed 4 years.

[JEJUNG] In the process of recording the album, I had this growing awareness which particularly I never felt. But then after it’s completed, I do feel the growth of us. How we sang when we just debuted was just not as mature as how we do now.

[YUNHO] I’m glad to get through the recording safe. When I first came to Japan, I was really anxious, too aware of Japanese pronunciation, it was hard just to get what’s the meaning. But recently I’ve also improved a little Japanese, without worrying about the pronunciation, I was able to put feelings into songs. Even when we have lack of time to do recording, thus we tried to listen to the songs by ourselves, Oh, then I just can feel the soul now and I can understand the lyrics to the point it develops to higher point of understanding.

[CHANGMIN] Actually, when the time had come to go back and forth between Japan and South Korea for recording the album, I didn’t believe we could afford the time to do all of them at all. But even in that situation, as YUNHO said, I was able to sing with emotion. I could feel the growth there, I am very happy.

[JUNSU] The width of the songs is spreading. There are a variety of genres which I think only because it’s TVXQ therefore it’s possible (to be sung by him). To be able to make such album, by thinking that, it is delightful, and I think my confidence increases.

YUCHON JEJUNG, Ones who record your own lyrics and self composed songs. What is the image of your self composed song?

[JEJUNG] “Wasurenaide” and the ballad “9095″. I composed a song called “Wasurenaide”, it is a song which I originally made to be sung in Japanese . So I wrote my own lyrics in Japanese. But it is very difficult (laughs). Conversely, “9095″, rather than made by a thought, it just came out really fast from my mind. I was composing at home in my leisure time, and suddenly it’s just popped out. “I want to compose a song like this!” that’s what I thought. And I am happy to have it inserted in the album. When I first came to Japan, I did not think I would write a song in Japanese. I do not believe it myself, but I think that’s the part of the growth.

[YUCHON] “Kiss The Baby Sky” is a song which has been composed by having pictures in my mind that all of us will sing it together on tour. The content of the lyrics is an image of two lovers bid farewell with a smile. They split up for the future of each other. A sad yet positive song. When the tour comes, I want to sing along with the audiences.

[CHANGMIN] This is an album where I think I was able to express TVXQ in a lot of ways, it’s because I’m with you guys, I have more growth. If it’s possible, I look forward to a future where we’ll still enjoy time together, doing what we can do together.

– Yes, we hope so too. So everyone, finally on April 22th in Sunday’s new single, “Share The World / WE ARE!”. Both of the songs are used in anime ONE PIECE, right?

[YUNHO] As all of TVXQ members are happening to love ONE PIECE and due to the fact that it’s even aired in Korea. Therefore, being able take charge of the opening theme 2 times in a row, it is an enormous happiness. And as a bonus track, the ending theme of ONE PIECE in 2006, “Asu wa Kuru Kara” is also included. So this single is indeed a ONE PIECE single. So not only TVXQ fans, I think ONE PIECE’s fans can also enjoy it.

[JEJUNG] “Share The World” is a song with summer-like atmosphere, and really suits to the next season of ONE PIECE. We also will have anime PV of this song which is not seen yet, what I feel is… I’m psyched. However, it’s so hard to watch ONE PIECE in its April season due to the early-morning air time, TVXQ is a little weak in the morning (laughs). I think it’s hard to get up early, but we’ll try.

source: Oricon
photo: Kusakari Masayuki
text: Shigeru Satoko Takahashi
translated by: sharingyoochun