[J-Rock] Winners of the J-Rock Awards 2009

The Jrock Choice Awards, hosted annually by internet radio network Tainted Reality, aired this past Saturday and announced the winners of this year’s voting.

Industry Awards

Best Album
Winner: MUCC – Shion

Best Breakthrough Artist
Winner: Deluhi

Best Mini-Album
Winner : 9Goats Black Out – Devils in Bedside

Best Promotional Video

Winner: Screw – Gather Roses

Best Dressed
Winner: Merry

Best Full Length DVD Release

Best B-Side or Album Track
Winner: Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- – zombie

Craziest English Title
Winner: the Underneath – Fat Fatty F*ckin Pigs

Biggest American Impact
Winner: Mucc

Best CD Cover Art
Winner: the Studs – Niji no Iro

Best Artist
Winner: Mucc

Best Song
Winner: girugamesh – Kowareteiku sekai

Fan Awards

Best Album
Winner: Dir en grey – UROBOROS

Best Breakthrough Artist
Winner: Screw

Best Mini-Album
Winner : An Cafe – Koakuma USAGI no koibumi to machine gun

Best Promotional Video
Winner: Gackt – Jesus

Best Dressed
Winner: Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-

Best Full Length DVD Release
Winner: The GazettE-Tour 2007-2008 Stacked Rubbish Grand Finale [Repeated Countless Error]

Best B-Side or Album Track
Winner: The Gazette – HOLE

Craziest English Title
Winner: the Underneath – Fat Fatty F*ckin Pigs

Biggest American Impact
Winner: Dir en grey

Best CD Cover Art

Best Artist
Winner: Dir en grey

Best Song
Winner: The GazzettE – LEECH

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[America] BoA Likely to Have US Concert Tour in June

South Korea’s top pop star BoA has unveiled a plan to make a concert tour of the United States in June.

In a recent interview with MTV Iggy in the U.S., BoA has selected Miami as her favorite destination for concerts.

BoA was quoted as saying, “I like New York but I really want to go to Miami. Miami looked nice in the movie, like a paradise.”

In mid-March, BoA released her first U.S. album amid high expectations that she will be able to reenact her success story in Japan in the world’s largest album market.

The album contains 11 songs including flagship song “I Did It For Love,” and dance tracks “Energetic,” “Eat You Up,” and “Look Who’s Talking.” The flagship song was written by Sean Garrett, the famous American producer, and its video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who has made promos for Britney Spears, Chris Brown and Eminem and won the Best Video of the Year and Best Direction in the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards.

BoA’s album ranked 127th in the Billboard 200 Album Charts announced on March 26. It was the first time that a Korean singer had entered the Billboard chart.

source: koreantimes

[K-Pop] Rain faces second legal charge

Rain faces second legal charge
Yahoo News

After losing a lawsuit recently, Korean superstar Rain is now facing a second charge. Wellmadestarm, the organizer of Rain’s world tour concert, is asking for $45billion won in compensation for cancelling the world tour concerts.

According to reports, in the plaint Wellmadestarm filed to court, they signed a contract in 2006 with Rain and his ex artiste management company, JYP Entertainment, to buy the organizing rights of Rain’s world tour concerts to be held between 2006 and 2007 for $10billion won (about S$10million). However, only 19 out of the 35 concerts were held after Rain terminated his contract with JYP entertainment; Wellmadestarm suffered heavy losses as a result.

JYP said, “Those who know briefly what happened will know that the concerts were cancelled because of Wellmadestarm. They are now turning their heads on us first.”

Rain has not commented on this charge.

[J-Pop] KAT-TUN 4th album “Break the Records -by you & for you-” [04.29.2009]

Info from CDJapan:

Limited Edition:

Fourth album release from KAT-TUN including the songs “Don’t U Ever Stop,” “White X’mas (album version),” “One Drop,” “Rescue,” and more for 15 songs total. Limited edition includes special booklet.

Regular Edition:

Fourth album release from KAT-TUN including the songs “Don’t U Ever Stop,” “White X’mas (album version),” “One Drop,” “Rescue,” and more for 15 songs total. Regular edition includes one bonus track. Features alternate jacket artwork.

Bonus Track: 1 bonus track “Moon”

Continuing on their impressive Oricon streak, KAT-TUN introduce their latest full-length album. It features all their most recent No. 1 singles including Don’t U Ever Stop, the album version of White X’mas, One Drop, and their brand new hit Rescue. With world-class musicians and songwriters on board to insure a high-quality release, the new album features 15 tracks including six songs revealing the personalities of the band members.

Title: Break the Records -by you & for you-
Tracklist: (with Solos writing , music & arrangement credits)
Release Date: April 29, 2009






6. WHITE WORLD (Nakamaru Yuichi)
Lyrics*Music*Arrangement:KATSUHIKO SUGIYAMA

7. care (Akanishi Jin)

8. 1582 (Kamenashi Kazuya)

9. PIERROT (Tanaka Koki)
Lyrics: Joker Music: Atsushi / Joker Arrangement: Atsushi

10. Hana no Mau Machi (Ueda Tatsuya) (The town of dancing flowers)

11. WIND (Taguchi Junnosuke)

12. Kimi michi (Your road)

13. Shunkashuutou (The Four Seasons)

14. White X’mas (Album Version)


16. MOON (Bonus Track)


[K-Drama] Boys Over Flowers Draw Its Curtain

A party was held on Wednesday to mark the show’s ending.

The KBS2 mega hit drama “Boys over Flowers” ended its three-month run on Tuesday. To celebrate its success, the drama team held a party at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on Wednesday.

Lee Min-ho, who played one of the protagonists, Gu Jun-pyo, said, “We had spent most of our time together while shooting it for five months, so we got really close and got to share lots of good memories. I will not be able to forget it because I enjoyed huge popularity, more than I deserved. I am really happy.”

Ku Hye-sun, who played the female leading role of Geum Jan-di, said, “I was happy to appear in the drama. It was hard to work under a tight schedule as the shooting usually continued into the night, almost every night, but it was a great experience.”

Kim Hyun-joong, who played another protagonist, Yoon Ji-whoo, said, “This was the first work I took part in after turning actor from singer, and I am so happy that it succeeded. I will always try to give my best whatever I do.” He watched the last episode with his fans.

Kim Joon and Kim Beom, who played the other two protagonists, Song Woo-bin and So Ih-jeong, also shared their feelings by saying, “I feel so lucky that I could make an acting debut through this great drama,” and “Living as So Ih-joeng for the last several months was a great pleasure to me.”

The cast and crew said it was challenging for all of them to be part of the drama since the shooting took place at various local and overseas locations, including New Caledonia and Macau.

Meanwhile, the team took a moment to pay a tribute to Jang Ja-yeon, one of the casting members, who committed suicide on March 7. Song Byung-joon, the president of production company Group Eight, said, “I had wished only good things to happen to all of you while shooting the drama, but it seems that my wish was not realized. But still I wish you all the best and appreciate what you’ve done for the drama.”

Song had to beat out many rivals to obtain the right to turn the Japanese comic book into a drama.

KBS Global

[J-Pop/K-Pop/C-Pop/Mandopop] Battle of the Pop: Asia vs Asia!

Battle of the Pop: Asia vs Asia

It’s the Battle of the Pop: Asia vs Asia!

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate musical showdown. In this second edition of Battle of the Pop we’re putting the very best of Asia up against each other for the Channel [V] Pop Star Throne. We know just how much you love the fresh Asian pop sound and so we’re giving you the chance to decide who the ultimate Asian sensation is! Big Bang vs Tohoshinki, Lollipop vs Farenheit, News vs Super Junior, S.H.E. vs Wonder GirlsCan you choose sides between the best of the best?

As Asia’s top music acts square off, viewers can vote for who rocks their world by logging on to http://www.channelv.com/. Join the battle by selecting your favorite artists from each country and telling us why they are the best in the pop world.  We’ll tally up the votes and show you who reigns superior in the Battle of the Pop Asian Edition with special back-to-back music videos only on Channel [V].

RAIN was crowned the King of Pop in the first Channel [V] Battle of the Pop: Asia vs America. You can view the results by clicking here.

Vote for your favorite artists and YOU might be one of 5 lucky winners of fabulous and trendy PRIZES courtesy of [V]!

Round 1 ends on April 6th so be sure to get your votes in now.

**Don’t forget to tune in to Channel [V] at 4.45pm & 8.45pm HK/SIN from Monday to Friday to catch the music videos of these hot Asian superstars on air, and watch out for the results on SUNDAY, 26th April 7am HK/SIN, 8am MAL!

Vote for your favorite artists now!

Source: http://www.channelv.com/rde/v/2163.htm

** There’s really good competition here ^_^  As much as I love Jolin Tsai, I’m glad that BoA’s taking a huge lead. Hehe.

[J-Pop] Ayaka and Mizushima Hiro — MARRIED!; Ayaka has Graves Disease

◆Actor Mizushima marries singer Ayaka
Popular actor Mizushima marries star singer Ayaka
Actor Hiro Mizushima (L) and singer-songwriter Ayaka appear at a press conference in Tokyo…
Actor Hiro Mizushima and singer-songwriter Ayaka announced Friday that they got married in February and that Ayaka will suspend her activities from next year to concentrate on undergoing treatment for Basedow’s disease.
The 24-year-old Mizushima and the 21-year-old Ayaka, who goes by one name, got married Feb. 22.
”I thought I wanted to protect her, including the fact she is suffering from the disease,” Mizushima, who has appeared on television and in movies, said in a joint news conference. ”I’d like to do my best for each of my jobs so that (my fans) can think it was good for me to have married Ayaka.”
Basedow’s disease is a disorder characterized partly by excessive activity of the thyroid gland.
Source: : http://home.kyodo.co.jp/modules/fstStory/index.php?storyid=431606
credits to ricecake819-san@Japinoy ^_^
thanks to yamapi_michiko-san@Japinoy for the heads up!
It was revealed on the 2nd of April that popular actor Mizushima Hiro (24), recently ranked Number 1 in the Ikemen Ranking list, and popular singer-songwriter Ayaka (21) are getting married. The two of them began their relationship after a magazine talk together for a magazine last June. They are expected to submit their marriage registration on Mizushima’s birthday, the 13th. Getting their big breaks 3 to 4 years after their debut, the two of them, at the height of of their popularity, are going for their goal towards happiness together.

They are in the different fields of acting and singing but in the same agency. They began their acquaintance when they hit it off while doing a talk for the magazine ‘mini’ last June. According to close friends, they started dating around August.

From the beginning, the romance was a serious one with both mutually keeping marriage in mind. They have already met each other’s parents and made formal arrangements on each side. The marriage registration is expected to be submitted on Mizushima’s 25th birthday on the 13th. Currently, there are no plans yet for a ceremony and a wedding.

Mizushima spent his childhood, up to middle school in Zurich, Switzerland. Standing at 1.8m, he is a Keio University graduate. With all the necessary characteristics to be popular with women, he has been called the ‘super ikemen among ikemens’.

From playing the lead role in TV Asahi’s Kamen Rider Kabuto in 2006-2007, to Fuji TV’s Zettai Kareshi (2008) and Mei-chan no Shitsuji (this year January to March) among others, he has garnered wide-ranging support from children to housewives. In last month’s Oricon Style article ‘Ikemens On Your Mind Ranking’, he was voted first, beating the likes of Oguri Shun (26) and Eita (26). He topped the ‘Favourite Actors Among High School Girls’ too.

Ayaka, who debuted in 2006 with her song ‘I believe’ made history by being the first female singer-songwriter to enter the Oricon Charts in the top 3 on her debut. In the same year, she was presented with the Best New Artist Award. She has participated in NHK’s Kouhaku 3 years consecutively. In 2007, her hit song ‘Mikazuki’ topped the ‘Karaoke Request Ranking’. It was covered by Inoue Yousui (60) as well, a song that crosses over generations.

Shining as brightly as the 2 of them are, they dislike being loud in their personal lives. There are no gossip of them dating in popular spots or restaurants, their sightings are limited to frequent sightings of them shopping at supermarkets. Both busy with their careers, they spend their free time away from work at each other’s homes, eating home-cooked meals. This seems to be a romance nurtured at home.

Deciding to get married at the height of their popularity, it is simply because these two have chosen their ‘little piece of happiness’. “They look out for each other, they’re an ideal couple together.” They have been given the blessings by those around them.

translations: unleashthegeek