Bishounen of the Day: ‘TYBALT’ from the anime Romeo x Juliet

For this bishie thing… Well since I am a bishounen maniac, I am going to have a “segment” here in my blog about my favorite ikemenbishie for the day. If he’s the featured guy for the day, then that means he made my day uber hot :p  If I have time, I may have a “Bishie for the Week”, “Bishie for the Month”, etc. Haha.

Okay… Enough said. So my first bishie for this segment is none other than…..


from Romeo x Juliet

Kyaaaa~ kakkoi! ^_^  Ahem. So why him? Well, look at the guy. He’s good-looking, quiet, mysterious, always wears color black outfits, strong, skilled, kind, and a man of his word  ^_^

Well, apparently, I’ve finally finished the anime “Romeo x Juliet” which my friend michiruu-san recommended. It’s an anime version of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” with some added twists.  In the anime, dearest Tybalt plays the role of Romeo’s older half-brother, as opposed to being Juliet’s cousin in the original.  Tybalt is the son of Grand Duke Montague (Romeo’s father) and a Capulet girl (Juliet’s relative).  However, Montague left Tybalt and his mother. When Tybalt’s mother died, he blamed it on his father and,thus, swore to kill him. That’s why he has been helping Juliet.

Tybalt’s features are similar to Romeo’s. A BIT SIMILAR.  When I first saw him, I thought that he’s Romeo. But he’s not. When I found out that they are brothers, I now knew why the sudden resemblance.

Anyhoo, Tybalt is much good looking than Romeo. He has dark hair and a mysterious sexy aura. I said that because in the series, he doesn’t appear that much. His  identity and intentions are all too vague, and that’s what makes him mysterious. But in the end, you will figure out that he’s actually a really nice guy.  Nice, ne? ^_^ Now THAT’s HOT.  At the final episode, you can actually see him smile when he gave those kids a ride on Cielo. Lurve that! ^_^

tybalt_ofanyone.png image by epiclyfaining

Moreover, he always wears black clothes. That’s why people, at first, perceive him as an enemy.  Oh, but have I mentioned that I love guys who wear black? It makes them look even sexier ^_^ Kyaaa. What else?  He’s taller than Romeo and has much masculine features. Not to mention his arms. Gawd, I love his biceps. Haha. In the series, when he removes his black cape and suit of armor, he’s wearing a sleeveless shirt! Gotta love that ^_^

Enough of his physical sexiness….What I also like about him is that he’s very skilled and strong. He can take on any guy at any time without a spill of his blood.  Aside from that, he uses two swords simultaneously during fights. Skilled ^_^

I wanna write a whole lot more about him, but I’m getting tired. Just check him out for yourself if you wanna find out how lovely the guy is. Hehe. Be sure to watch Romeo x Juliet ^_^


9 thoughts on “Bishounen of the Day: ‘TYBALT’ from the anime Romeo x Juliet

  1. WHY HELLO!!! I’m glad to see I’m not the only girl who melted over Tybalt 😀 I say “You can HAVE Romeo Miss Juliet I’ll take your cousin Tybalt any day!” Tee hee hee btw the picture you have of him are awesome! hard to find good picture of him :/ Personally I like him in the anime WAYYY more then the play (the play is just stupid if you ask me its sooo obvious they were going to die, anime wayyy better)
    well I guess i’ll end this with:


  2. Hi, I love Tybalt too.. I just wanna say that Tybalt should take care about him self if he can’t do that I will save you Tybaltb…always ,,,


  3. LOL. I seriously got bored with all the drama between Juliet and Romeo. Well yeah Romeo’s nice but he’s just a bit… well he just looks weak, ‘delicate’ and uncool.

    And the reason I’ve been watching this whole darn series is because of TYBALT! Lol he’s hot especially those charming eyes and those muscles… kyaaaa >u<


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