[K-Pop Girl Groups Update] Gee promotions end; Sandara Park to debut in Korea as a singer


The K-Pop scene has been dominated by the comeback of SM Entertainment’s girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation) with their first mini album.

After being on a hiatus for more than 8 months since they released their single “Baby Baby”, the girls made a huge comeback last January 2009 and started the “Gee fever.”  They released their first mini album which includes 5 songs, and it instantly topped both offline and online music charts. It has been the first album in 2009 to pass beyond 100,000 in number of sales, proving their immense popularity.

“Gee” is a well-made bubblegumpop song that can get stuck in your head for a very long time. Its light, lively, and easy-to-sing-with tune give a refreshing feel to anyone who listens to it.  Even my non-Kpop fan friends also liked the song and the video!! ^_^ I’m actually very glad that SNSD retained their wholesome image, unlike the Wonder Girls who changed their image with “So Hot.”


SNSD became so big that their white shirt and skinny jeans attire in the video were imitated by the people. Their “crab leg” dance also became very popular.  The girls also made a record in KBS’ Music Bank for being number one for 9 consecutive weeks!!!

Now, after 3 whole months of promoting “Gee”, the girls will once again go on a short hiatus to prepare for their next song.

For those of you who haven’t heard “Gee”, please listen to it and I guarantee you thatyou will love it  ^_^

Download link for the song “Gee”:


Download link for the dance MV version of “Gee”:


As something ends, another begins…

27 03 2009


YG Entertainment finally announced the name of their girl group that’s going to debut soon.  Formerly referred to by fans as the “Female Big Bang”, the group’s name is 21 (To Anyone).  Wanna know who the members are?  Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL and Gong Min Ji.  Their team leader will be CL.

Can you believe it? Sandara is there! Haha. Of course, the Filipinos know her. Who could ever forget the Star Circle Quest girl who sang the despicable “In or Out” song?  Nice.  I just hope that she got better in singing.

I still can’t forget that she was branded as the “BoA of the Philippines”.  Puh-lease. I don’t know why people called her that. THEY ARE NOT ON THE SAME LEVEL.  Beauty-wise?  It’s BoA.  Dancing?  It’s BoA.  Singing? Definitely, BoA.  Success?  BoA.  Popularity?  BoA.   I do not HATE Sandara, per se. It’s just that I get infuriated whenever I read articles or see in Pops in Seoul that Sandara IS the Philippines’ BoA.  I’m a big BoA fanatic, that’s why I find that as an insult.   Again, I’m not an anti, Sandy fans. So please do not bash BoA because of what I wrote.  I actually want to see her career flourish in Korea. When that happens, maybe she can Big Bang to the Philippines. Hehe.

And yeah, Sandara was then recruited by YG Entertainment, the talent agency of Se7en and Big Bang.  She appeared with TOP of Big Bang, and even had a kissing scene with him (lucky girl), in one of Gummy’s MVs.  She appeared in the K-Drama “Return of Iljimae”, and is filming for another drama with TOP and Seungri of Big Bang . (She is sooooo lucky!).

Now, she’s going to debut as a singer! To help promote their group, Big Bang and LG collaborated with them for a single and a commercial for LG Cyon.

Here’s the DL link for their song “Lollipop”, if you guys want to hear it. I only downloaded it because Big Bang is here:  http://www.sendspace.com/file/moih0u

’21’ pic and some info credits to: minsarang.wordpress.com ^_^


4 thoughts on “[K-Pop Girl Groups Update] Gee promotions end; Sandara Park to debut in Korea as a singer

  1. hahaha i understand your feelings about the whole ‘BoA of the Philippines’ thing because I’m also a big BoA fan since day 1. although i also love Sandara but I wasn’t really into the whole Sandara Hype during her high days here in the Philippines. I only got to fully appreciate Sandara when I saw her on the movie ‘can this be love’ in 2005…and i also had a close encounter with her on a cinema lobby back in march 2007.

    i believe she can’t be fully blamed about her career fall here in the philippines because she wasn’t manage and taken care of very well by her company that time.

    anyway, i wish sandara all the best and success on her new endeavor because she’s going to need all of the support and prayers…unlike BoA who like you have said already has reached great heights already compared to Sandara ^_^.


    • Thanks for that ^_^ I have no personal grudges against her, rather, on those that branded her as the ‘BoA of the Philippines’ ^_^ Same as you, I want to see how her career will flourish in Korea.


  2. well, I dont think BOA is really popular… yeah i watched her mtv but i didn’t find her interesting… i can easily tell she’s one of those korean singers who use their body to get attention… EEEW! Sandara is an innocent looking girl… to wholesome! thats why she didn’t gain any publicity anymore in philippines after SCQ because she seems to be not aging (though she posted in a mens mag before you can tell shes really young to do mature roles)… shes to cute, can’t force her to do mature roles and can’t even break her innocence. but she’s talented… duh! shes one heck of adorable girl you can’t resist. Try checking her million of fans in philippines and bring BOA there hahaha she’ll eat her own ass! i dont care if you got mad with my comment well, we have our own rights to proclaim our thoughts. I still think Sandara can surpass everthing… aja sandy! fighting….


    • Haha. It’s okay, that’s your opinion and I respect that. However, I will just defend BoA’s popularity and how you perceive her as someone who uses her body to get attention. BoA IS pretty popular in East Asia, and even have fan bases in other Asian countries. She has sold millions of records and, mind you, they all topped the charts. Even Japan’s prestigious Oricon charts. Compare Sandara and BoA’s popularity, BoA is definitely much well-known. Sandara is only known in the Philippines.

      Next, about BoA using her body to gain attention…. That’s groundless. Where did you get that idea, if I may ask? ^_^ All throughout her career, she’s always had that wholesome image, and that’s what people like about her. She doesn’t dress too sexy to gain attention. She was never seen wearing any vulgar outfits.

      Next, Sandara being talented. You said that she’s an adorable girl that you can’t resist. Is THAT what you call being talented? ^_^

      Again, I am not enraged by your comment since it’s your own opinion ^_^ And I don’t want to start any unnecessary fights ^_^ Plus, I didn’t bash Sandara in my post. To the Sandara fans, I apologize if I may have “insulted” her. ^_^


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