[Anime/Manga] Special A (S.A.)


This is my current favorite anime and manga right now. It’s entitled “Special A” or “S.A.”, for short. It’s a shoujo manga which is about the lives of the Top 7 students of their school (I forgot the name of the school).  The main characters are Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima.  Kei is in love with Hikari ever since they were young, but  Hikari is TOO dense to realize that.

A junior of mine from UPIS recommended this anime to me. She said that its similar to Ouran, and so I immediately gave it a go.  I, eventually, found it better than Ouran! Haha. But Ouran still wins if it’s about the bishies per se.  S.A. is like Ouran High Host Club and Kare Kano combined.


This anime has a lot of touching scenes, which I really really adore. Also, it’s been a long time since I last watched something that gave me that ultimate *kilig* feeling.  I not only enjoyed Kei and Hikari’s love story, but also the others’ personal stories.  I also pretty much agree with the pairings in the end.

I’m still currently reading the manga, though.  So far, it’s better than the anime. Too bad, some scenes from the manga weren’t included in the anime. It would’ve boosted S.A.’s popularity more. Haha.


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