[Anime] La Corda D’Oro ~second passo~

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~  after the LONG LONG LONG wait, the second “season” is already out! ^_^  Still not sure if this would be a series, OVA, or a special. Hopefully, the creators would make it a series. Duh, what’s the point of making us wait if they’re only planning to release 2 episodes?!?!  I haven’t seen lots of LENness yet.

Anyhoo, as I have said, it’s back. It was aired last March 26.  I watched it before I went to sleep, and yeah, I did sleep with a huge smile on my face ^_^  Why? Because bishies were added in the series! ^_^

I’ve been waiting to see how appealing this Kaji guy, the new character, is, because my fellow fangirl friends like Eury-san have been saying how they love Kaji. And so I waited for the second passo, “patiently.”  And kyaaaaaaa~  he is soooo like a prince! The guy’s perfect! He’s intelligent, musically inclined, athletic, nice, and good looking! ^_^

Lucky Kaho, of course the guy likes her. Duh, I think that’s the whole point of the story. Every bishie falls in love with her. Sheesh.   So the first episode started with Kaji seeing Kaho playing her violin in some park.  He was drawn to her music that’s why he transferred to her school.  On his first day, he never expected that he would be in the same class as Kaho.

Lucky. I wish we will have a new student who’s like him >_<  I’d kill for that guy.

Haha. Anyhoo, enough of the Kaji thing. I adore the guy, but I’m not in love with him. I still go for Len Tsukimori ❤  (insert loud fangirl scream)  ^_^

See that handsome face? The hotness feeling emanating from him? The cool and sexy angles of his head and neck? ^_^  God, I can drool over him any time of the day!  Who could possibly resist that uber sexy guy?!?!  I wish I were his violin! ^^  Kyaaaa~

There’s not much Len scenes in the first episode, but who cares? At least I saw him again. Haha.

—  I’ll post more about La Corda next time.  I’m getting tired. Hehe.  I just want to say how hot Len is ❤

*screenshots credit to Eury-san:  http://shikimic.wordpress.com/2009/03/29/la-corda-doro-second-passo-first-movement/#comment-25


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