[Music] New Releases.

Today, I had some time to arrange the songs in my iTunes. I arranged my new Asia playlist which consists my current fave new songs.

1. Trust You by Yuna Ito – I already did a review on this single before.  It’s my most fave song at the moment. This ballad tie-in with Gundam is, for me, better than Precious.  Its b-side track Brand New World is also very good pop song.  It would’ve been better if she released this as a double a-side.

2. RESCUE by KAT-TUN – I was so pleased when I first heard this son. It was my first time hearing it when they performed it live on Shounen Club earlier this month. The song has, once again, a rock tune, and added more English in the lyrics.  I’ve disliked KAT-TUN’s “rock” songs in the past, except for Keep the Faith. However, this song really caught my attention. It’s a hell lot better than Don’t U Ever Stop!

3.  I Gotta Kick Start Now by VAMPS – This single is waaay better than Love Addict, in my opinion… but is still not that outstanding. What the heck is going on with HYDE???  So far, I’m still not liking their singles that much, except for Time Goes By >_<  K.A.Z should take more control on their music right now, since HYDE’s compositions at the moment are not up to my tastes at all.

Hopefully, their next single EVANESCENT is a rock ballad >_<

4. Survivor by Tohoshinki (TVXQ) – Ooooh. I love this! ^_^  The song is a heavy dance track with a horrible choreography.  But the boys’ hot bodies with the black outfit makes up for it. Haha.  The song is really good. It talks about living life with a positive attitude ^_^

5. I Did it For Love by BoA feat. Sean Garrett – BoA’s 2nd US single. This single is even better than Eat You Up.  Too bad, she’s starting to sound like Britney now.  The PV Preview for this one is already out, and BoA is just so awesome!  I think that director of the PV, Joseph Kahn, wants to show how good BoA is at dancing.

6. Sorry, Sorry  by Super Junior – Suju’s comeback song after being on hiatus for 1 year and 6 months.  At first, I didn’t like this song because it’s a HEAVY hiphop like dance track. But my sister ended up playing it no-stop for a week, so the song eventually grew on me. I then realized how catchy the song is. It just makes me bounce,  literally, everytime I hear it.

7. Rule by Ayumi Hamasaki – The official soundtrack of the Dragon Ball Live ACtion movie.  It’s a rock song that also grew on me.  Ayu is only one of the few female singers out there whom I like singing rock songs. The PV for this is also pretty good. I loved Ay’s outfit there.


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