[J-Pop & Movie] Younha returns with a movie and a theme song

Korean singer Younha is back with a new song, which is being used as the theme in her movie “Kondo no Nichiyoubi ni.” Directed by Satoshi Kenmochi, the film is based on a script that won the Angel Award. Past award winners include “Linda Linda Linda,” “Zenzen Daijoubu,” and “Funuke Domo, Kanashimi no Ai wo Misero.”

The film is a human drama starring Somegoro Ichikawa and Younha. Younha plays Sora, a Korean high schooler. She chases after a boy she likes who has moved to Japan for college, but after she gets there, she discovers that he has returned to Korea due to family circumstances. She remains in Japan, but things eventually end in heartbreak for Sora. Shortly after, she runs into an odd man called Matsumoto (Ichikawa), who works multiple jobs to pay off his debts but also spends his time gathering discarded glass bottles. With her video camera, she begins documenting Matsumoto and his bottles, and in the process, she regains her lost smile.

Younha’s song, titled “Niji no Mukougawa,” was written specifically for the film. It is being included on the original soundtrack, which goes on sale on March 25th. The soundtrack also includes a song called “Visit of love” by Sachi Tainaka. The music video for “Niji no Mukougawa” can be seen here.

“Kondo no Nichiyoubi ni” begins playing in theaters on April 11.



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