BoA’s MTV Live performance will be aired on MTV!

If anyone follows MTV Iggy, you’ll notice that they have been busy with other Korean artists that are planning to debut in America, i.e. Wonder Girls. But don’t fret! Our MTV Iggy friends haven’t forgotten about us BoA fans. We previously informed you that MTV Iggy has uploaded BoA’s 1st “I Did It For Love” exclusive performance at Zune Lounge in LA, California. Not only that, they are now streaming a feature of BoA’s album as a bonus for those who have yet to receive their copies! BoAjjang has also been informed that MTV Iggy will also be uploading exclusive footage from her MTV Iggy performance from December on March 24th. Everyone’s been waiting for this exclusive for months, so be sure to check it out!

Also on MTV, BoAjjang members have been seeing BoA commercials for her debut album. The commercial shows clips of her “I Did It For Love” music video. So turn on your TV and keep a lookout!

The good news just doesn’t end today! BoA continues to be #1 on the Oricon Charts and sells another 16,262 units, making it a total of 45,695 BEST&USA albums sold. If you haven’t gotten her 2nd Best album “BEST&USA” yet, what are you waiting for?! It’s got quite a lot of eye candy images inside. Otherwise, BoA will scold you and go “shoulda shoulda but you didn’t did ya?” (Did Ya from “BoA”). Because “it’s a crime, it’s a crime, it’s a shame, it’s a crime” (Obsessed from “BoA”) and you’ll be missing out on specially arranged tracks of BoA’s hit songs, Valenti and Meri Kuri.

Fellow member bradlee151 has also managed to get a phone interview for MuuMuse and managed to ask questions from BoAjjang members! In the interview, BoA mentions that the I Did It For Love ft. Sean Garrett music video will be revealed by the end of this month. So for those wondering where the music video was, here’s your answer! If you haven’t had the chance to read or listen to the interview yet, make sure to check it out here!

And finally, with BoA’s debut album releasing, we can’t forget that her activities are just beginning. Help BoA out by requesting for her single “I Did It For Love ft. Sean Garrett” on your favorite local station! BoAjjang members have compiled radio contact information for you to e-mail, call, or request at their website. BoA jjang!

News Update: Uni (, RockWithMe192 (
Writeup/Editing: Uni (, Heartbeat (, tsukiyo (
News/Image Source: Oricon, MTV Iggy, MuuMuse

Remember when we mentioned that MTV Iggy was going to finally reveal BoA’s NYC performances? Well, they’ve released a teaser to get us hyped again! Keep a look out for BoAjjang members in the videos that attended the event. The performances will be released exclusively by MTV Iggy on March 24th. A major thank you to Michael at MTV Iggy for giving us the heads up!

Make sure to leave a comment at MTV Iggy!

News Update: Uni (, RockWithMe192 (
Writeup/Editing: Uni (
News/Image Source: MTV Iggy


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