[J-Pop] trust you – Yuna Ito

This is Yuna’s latest single, which served as Gundam OO Season 2’s ending theme. I first heard this song’s TV version and it instantly became my favorite Yuna ballad. Heck, it’s even better than ‘Precious’, in my opinion. The lyrics is very touching and heart-warming. It really left a deep impression on me. AndΒ I even liked it more when I watched its music video as a Gundam ending theme. The scenes matched well with the flow of the song which depicted what Hyde said, “An anime theme should have a symbiotic relationship with the scenes.”

As for the actual PV of the song,Β I found it quite boring. The way I imagined it before watching the PV was full of special effects, but unfortunately, it didn’t. Haha. But anyhoo, Yuna still looked gorgeous.

For my listening satisfaction, I prefer the TV version than the full version. With that said, here’s a download link for that song:


Enjoy ^_^


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