[J-Pop] AVEX’s Most Viewed Websites


Here is the list for the most viewed websites of AVEX’s artists  ^_^  Woot!  Tohoshinki (TVXQ)  topped the list! ^_^  Omedetou!  BoA is there, as well! I love everyone who’s in the list. I love AVEX! ^_^

1. Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)


3. Ayumi Hamasaki

4. Namie Amuro

5. Red Cliff

6. BoA

7. AAA

8. Koda Kumi

9. Otsuka Ai

10. Every Little Thing

^_^  credits to runaway@BoAjjang and allkpop ^_^

Bishounen of the Day: ‘TYBALT’ from the anime Romeo x Juliet

For this bishie thing… Well since I am a bishounen maniac, I am going to have a “segment” here in my blog about my favorite ikemenbishie for the day. If he’s the featured guy for the day, then that means he made my day uber hot :p  If I have time, I may have a “Bishie for the Week”, “Bishie for the Month”, etc. Haha.

Okay… Enough said. So my first bishie for this segment is none other than…..



from Romeo x Juliet

Kyaaaa~ kakkoi! ^_^  Ahem. So why him? Well, look at the guy. He’s good-looking, quiet, mysterious, always wears color black outfits, strong, skilled, kind, and a man of his word  ^_^

Well, apparently, I’ve finally finished the anime “Romeo x Juliet” which my friend michiruu-san recommended. It’s an anime version of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” with some added twists.  In the anime, dearest Tybalt plays the role of Romeo’s older half-brother, as opposed to being Juliet’s cousin in the original.  Tybalt is the son of Grand Duke Montague (Romeo’s father) and a Capulet girl (Juliet’s relative).  However, Montague left Tybalt and his mother. When Tybalt’s mother died, he blamed it on his father and,thus, swore to kill him. That’s why he has been helping Juliet.


Tybalt’s features are similar to Romeo’s. A BIT SIMILAR.  When I first saw him, I thought that he’s Romeo. But he’s not. When I found out that they are brothers, I now knew why the sudden resemblance.

Anyhoo, Tybalt is much good looking than Romeo. He has dark hair and a mysterious sexy aura. I said that because in the series, he doesn’t appear that much. His  identity and intentions are all too vague, and that’s what makes him mysterious. But in the end, you will figure out that he’s actually a really nice guy.  Nice, ne? ^_^ Now THAT’s HOT.  At the final episode, you can actually see him smile when he gave those kids a ride on Cielo. Lurve that! ^_^

tybalt_ofanyone.png image by epiclyfaining

Moreover, he always wears black clothes. That’s why people, at first, perceive him as an enemy.  Oh, but have I mentioned that I love guys who wear black? It makes them look even sexier ^_^ Kyaaa. What else?  He’s taller than Romeo and has much masculine features. Not to mention his arms. Gawd, I love his biceps. Haha. In the series, when he removes his black cape and suit of armor, he’s wearing a sleeveless shirt! Gotta love that ^_^


Enough of his physical sexiness….What I also like about him is that he’s very skilled and strong. He can take on any guy at any time without a spill of his blood.  Aside from that, he uses two swords simultaneously during fights. Skilled ^_^


I wanna write a whole lot more about him, but I’m getting tired. Just check him out for yourself if you wanna find out how lovely the guy is. Hehe. Be sure to watch Romeo x Juliet ^_^

[J-Pop] Yuna Ito new ALBUM in May 2009!


Will update when more info comes out.

Kyaaaaaaaa~ I knew it! I felt that she would release a new album soon! ^_^  Overjoyed~

I went to Yuna Ito’s official website to see if she will release a new album any time soon. And yeah, SHE WILL! ^_^  No further infos have been disclosed yet, all I know is that she will release it in May.  Same month as L’Arc~en~Ciel’s Live in Paris DVD. I am going to be so broke >_<

So far she has released 2 singles, and was featured in one of Spontania’s latest singles, which could be a part of the album.  Kyaaaa~ I can’t wait! ^_^

[J-Pop] AVEX to release first ravex album

Now this is an exciting compilation album. ^_^  Recording company AVEX trax is currently celebrating their 20th anniversary in the entertainment industry.  To commemorate this memorable year, they formed a new unit called “ravex” which will include top DJs and producers such as Taku Takahashi of m-flo, Shinichi Osawa of MONDO GROSSO, and Tomoyuki Tanaka of Fantastic Plastic Machine.

ravex will release their first album, entitled “trax” on April 29, 2009.  The album will have 12 fresh tracks performed by some of AVEX’s artists such as Tohoshinki, BoA, DJ Ozma, Monkey Majik, etc. Also, two versions will be released — a CD only version and a CD+DVD version.

Announced Tracks
V.I.P.P. (Very Important Party People) feat. TRF & VERBAL
Believe In LOVE feat. BoA
Golden LUV feat. MAKI GOTO
JUST THE TWO OF US feat. 東方神起 (feat. Tohoshinki)
悪い子みつけた。feat. 安藤裕子 (Waruiko Mitsuketa. feat. Ando Yuko)
Bangalicious feat. 土屋アンナ (feat. Tsuchiya Anna)
1 more night feat. MONKEY MAJIK


credits also to jpopstop.

[Anime] 2009 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Debut Gets Australian Simulcast

The Australian media distributor Madman Entertainment has announced that it will simulcast the premiere episode of the new Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood television anime at next weekend’s Supernova: Brisbane convention. Voice actor and Supernova guest Vic Mignogna will serve as the presenter when the convention screens the first episode of the new anime at the same time it airs in Japan — 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 5. Like the first Fullmetal Alchemist television series, the new anime adapts Hiromu Arakawa’s original dark fantasy manga.

Madman’s official website will then stream each Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode a couple of days after its Japanese airing. The episodes will be in Japanese with English subtitles and will remain on the website until further notice. Animax-asia is televising each episode within six days of its Japanese airing in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and South Asia.

Madman made its Fullmetal Alchemist announcements at its Sunday panel at this past weekend’s Supernova: Melbourne convention. It also acquired the Australian rights to release the 5 Centimeters Per Second, Gurren Lagann, and Rozen Maiden anime.


[K-Drama] Boys Over Flowers will have a happy ending

Supposedly. The KBS “Boys Before Flowers” team has finished filming their last scene of the drama yesterday (29th), bringing an end to this 5-month long production. And according to the news report, it is going to be a happy ending.

The finale scene was taken on the 29th night at a bathing beach in Incheon. As this particular scene contains content about the finale, the entire filming was kept in secrecy unlike previously. According to the details given by one of the crew members, all the leading casts participated in this filming and the ending will also be what the majority of the fans had wished for.

“Boys Before Flowers” began its production from November last year and the team has since travelled to several places for shots, including Macau, Seoul, Jeju Island and Pusan etc. Though the schedule was tight, the team still managed to complete it two days before the broadcast of the finale episode.

credit: hanfever

[K-Pop] ’21’ changed their name to ‘2NE1’

Original article: Newsis, 유상우기자 swryu@newsis.com Article
Translations by: Beau @ YG One Love Forum

‘21(To Anyone), the new girl group from YG Entertainment, also known as the ‘female Bigbang’, has changed their group name to ‘2NE1′.

If you pronounce ‘21′, it can also become ‘To Anyone’. However, they later were notified of there’s already a group named ‘21(To Anyone)’.

On the 30th, Yang Hyunsuk, the representative of YG said, “I apologize to the original ‘21(To Anyone)’. If I was aware of this before-hand I wouldn’t have included the meaning ‘To Anyone’ in the name.”

“When we were choosing a group name, we had searched up the number ‘21′ and didn’t have any results with any singers with the name. Thus, we thought that it was okay to use the name. However, we didn’t to search up ‘To Anyone’.”

Also Representative Yang said “We will not use the name ‘21′ or the meaning ‘To Anyone’ officially and instead we will use the name ‘2NE1′”

According to YG, ‘2NE1′’s NE is the abbreviation for ‘New evolution’. Therefore, 2NE1 means a new evolution in the 21st century. A few days ago they confirmed two domains for this group (yg-2ne1.com/net/co.kr, yg-21.com/net/co.kr)

2NE1 planning to officially debut in the beginning of May, and have recently released a digital single ‘Lollipop’ with Bigbang.

Post Taken from: YGWorld & AF